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PROXIMITY Compact System

The diagram above shows a school canteen. The kitchen door has been secured by a PROXIMITY compact system to prevent children gaining access. Compact systems are combined readers and control units and so are ideally suited to controlling access on this type of low security door. The "all in one" construction makes for a very simple and quick installation.

Switch2 System

access control details

The Switch2 system is a stand alone access control system meaning that is not administered centrally. The system comprises of a separate reader and control unit. This makes Switch2 suitable for high security, external doors. The example above shows Switch2 securing the external doors of a leisure club. It is ideal for this application as it is secure and simple to manage.

Net2 System

access control details

This example illustrates 4 doors in an office secured by Net2

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1. Net2 Software
The access control system is administered from the PC using the Net2 software. Users can be added, reports created and much more.
2. Communications Converter
This device connects directly to the serial port of the Net2 PC. It connects the control units with the PC.
3. Door components
Control unit - 1 required for every door. Able to permit or deny access to users without communication to the PC.
Reader - 1 or 2 readers can be fitted to each door. A wide range of readers are compatible with Net2 including proximity, magstripe, keypads and biometric.
Exit button - Any ‘push to make’ button can be used.
Electric lock -The Net2 control unit has voltage free relay contacts. This means that Net2 is capable of operating any type of electric lock.


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